Are you interested in helping White Fortress succeed?

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in a Professional relationship with us.

What does that mean exactly?  We are still in our infancy as a company and could use game building talent, suitable investors, and wise council.  The challenge with any start-up is to work its way out of being a start-up to a sustainable and viable business in its own right.  In a moment of transparent sharing, we have done precious little to attain financial cashflow.  We cannot hope to develop the games the way we want to produce them without either drying up our own well or gaining traction as a successful indie developer.

The game engine tools we have and are considering to produce our work in are Construct2 for rapid protyping in a 2D layout, (As well as simple ancillory games), and Unity3D for the full 3D adventure worlds we hope to create.